Paychex Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Paychex Login:


Paychex Login Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Visit the Paychex website by going to the following link:
  2. Once you are on their website, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. You will find a blue area. In this area is where you will find the Paychex login section.
  3. Choose the appropriate login link and click it. From here choose which service you want to log into.
  4. Now enter your user name and password and select the image you chose when you regsitered.


If this did not sign you into the Paychex system then one of a few things could have gone wrong. First, check to make sure that you do not have the caps lock button pres

sed. If you did then turn it off and try logging in again. Be very careful when you type the information that it is correct. If this did not help then you have either forgotten your user name or password. Don't worry, that's an easy fix.



Paychex Password Reset:

  1. You must possess a PIN number in order to utilize this functionality. If you have not been prompted to create one or do not know your PIN please call Paychex Online Services at 1-888-246-7500 M-F 8 am - 8 pm ET.


If this still did not log you into the Paychex system then it's probably time to contact us and let us help you. We can walk you through the process and get you to where you're going faster. Choose from the following contact options.


Paychex Contact Information:

For technical and other assistance, call Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, to speak to a Paychex representative.

Paychex Insurance Agency Inc. 1-800-472-0072
Paychex HR Solutions - PEO 1-800-741-6277**
Paychex HR Essentials 1-877-405-5877
Retirement Services 1-800-472-0072
Paychex Retirement Reporting Service 1-800-472-0072 ext. 66105**
COBRA Administration 1-800-472-0072***
Flexible Spending Account 1-800-472-0072
Manage Employee Access Online Call your local Paychex branch
General Ledger Reporting Service 1-877-456-6317
Paychex Online Reports 1-888-246-7500
Paychex Online Payroll Call your local Paychex branch
Paychex Premier Forms Call your local Paychex branch
Internet Time Sheets 1-888-246-7500


**Call Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm ET.

***Call Monday through Thursday from 8am to 8pm ET, Friday 8am-6pm ET.

Email Form:


Paychex Office Locations: 911 Panorama Trail S. Rochester, NY 14625-0397 585-385-6666

View other Paychex office locations.

Client Employee Support: Please contact your employer with any questions regarding your paycheck  or benefits. For support with Paychex Online Payroll Services including  check stub questions, password resets, and login issues, please call  888-246-7500. You can also select a category below that corresponds with  your needs, or complete our contact form.

Client Employer Support: To speak with a Paychex representative, please select your product or service below, or complete our contact form.

New Hire Reporting: Please contact your payroll specialist.

Paychex Only Payroll: Please contact your designated client service advisor if you have  questions regarding your current payroll service (includes Internet  Time Sheet).

Paychex Online Services

  • Call 888-246-7500 for questions regarding Paychex Online Reports.
  • Call 877-456-6317 for questions regarding General Ledger Reporting Service.


  • Paychex PST 1000 Time Clock: Call 877-234-1851 for general information or technical support.

  • Time and Labor Online: Call 866-933-3185 for general information or technical support.


Please check back here for more information or updates on the Paychex login system.